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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability – Producer Responsibility

Is your organization interested in achieving environmental sustainability and preserving natural resources? It’s our passion! Together, we can make difference for a greener today and tomorrow by both reducing what we produce and recycling what we have to protect our finite natural resources. 

The days of “waste” are gone and at Emterra Environmental USA, we believe there should be no such thing.  

A lot of resources go into making products – like crude oil, trees, water and chemicals. Recycling products when they’ve reached the end of their useful life requires far less secondary resources such as these. That is a big step towards preserving raw materials and environmental sustainability

We relentlessly ask how we can promote more sustainable end markets for recovered materials.  Independently and with local Michigan based and global partners, we seek to find new, viable markets for hard-to-market recyclable materials.

The result is that more trash is diverted from landfills which reduce costs and your organizations’ carbon footprint. 

Find out more about our Product Stewardship and extended producer responsibility, why we should recycle and compost and how you can walk the talk with us as we work towards a Zero Waste program

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