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Re-think your waste plan
Do you see waste or opportunity?
Thinking innovatively... Transforming waste to resources©
Do you see waste or opportunity?
Thinking innovatively... Transforming waste to resources©

Waste Management: Collection, Recycling and Diversion for Zero Waste

Do you see waste or opportunity?™


At Emterra Environmental USA, we transform waste into resources and are proud to serve communities across Michigan. With locations in Bad Axe, Flint and Port Huron Michigan we provide a range of waste management services to local counties.  In fact, Emterra Group operates 12 material recovery and recycling facilities in North America and is a recognized waste management industry leader.

We provide trash collection services directly to local residents, municipalities, residential property managers, and waste solutions to commercial, industrial and institutional customers. Our goal is clear – to achieve sustainable communities and divert as much waste from landfill as possible.

We see a world with Zero Waste.

What most call waste we call resources and with this approach we are paving the way towards achieving a sustainable environment. That means we take residential, commercial and industrial trash – whether it is typical “garbage”, tires or even waste liquids – and turn them into something useful thereby diverting it from landfills.

Our advanced trash sorting and ever-improving recycling capabilities means we divert more trash from landfills. We can turn used tires into usable crumb rubber; waste liquids into non-toxic washer fluid; and everyday recyclables of various materials into inputs for new products. 

Need dumpsters? Whether for your one time demolition project or ongoing waste management needs for your business, we have dumpsters and trash bins to meet your needs. You can count on reliable pickup service and that we’ll sort it to maximize recycling and diversion opportunities.

Innovative solutions and advanced recycling technology must be expensive, right? Think again. Emterra’s waste management divisions offer innovative, cost effective, resource management solutions that increase diversion and save money. We are the perfect choice to provide recyclables collection, processing and marketing services, as well as yard waste, solid waste collection and disposal services to municipalities and businesses.

Let us pick up your trash at home or help your organization with solutions that will positively impact you and the environment at once. Interested in joining forces for a cleaner environment and healthier tomorrow for Michigan? Contact us today!

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