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Landfill and Disposal Services

Landfill and Disposal

We’re more than a waste management company. As a partner in the communities where we live and work, we believe in protecting the long-term integrity and environmental safety of our neighbors. Emterra Environmental USA believes in providing environmentally responsible and cost-effective services to our customers, including our landfill and disposal services.

At Emterra, our goal is to achieve Zero Waste. That means we will help make landfills a thing of the past. Today, however, landfills remain an important part of many waste programs. While we work hard to divert garbage from our landfills through recycling and composting, the remaining trash materials must be appropriately managed. We do this through properly designed, operated and maintained waste haulage fleets and facilities operating at a consistently high standard that is maintained by Emterra and all partner operations.

Our aim is always to manage or partner with facilities that meet or exceed government regulations. With our partners, we perform intensive monitoring onsite and in surrounding areas to ensure environmentally-sound disposal.

Sustainability throughout Our Business

We believe in reducing the waste in our lives – we believe in Zero Waste. It’s not just what we do; it’s how we do it!  By using alternative fuels in our fleets (like compressed natural gas and biodiesel) and employing innovative processes and technology in our recycling facilities, we continuously set new environmental standards for the industry. Learn more

We’re in your community!

Emterra believes in supporting the communities where we live and work in a positive manner. In many communities, Emterra offers a unique Community Care™ program where we work with you to do a lot more. Check out how we’re getting involved and consider how we might help your community. Learn more