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Why Single Stream Recycling?

Single Stream Recycling Waste Management, Single Stream Process-Program Service Company

Single Stream Recycling

Increasing participation in recycling is a challenge. That’s why a growing number of businesses and municipalities have already transitioned to single stream recycling where all recyclable materials are collected co-mingled in a single container and don’t need to be sorted. 

The benefits of single stream recycling for your waste program includes: 

  • Increased recycling participation rates.
  • Less space needed to store collection containers.
  • Increased volumes of recyclable materials collected - with some organizations and communities more than doubling their volumes.
  • Improved public approval due the convenience of a simpler and easier recycling program.
  • Increased efficiency, cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint - when waste streams such as organics are co-collected along with single stream recycling.
  • Recycling program expansion; creating the opportunity to add new materials - with no significant incremental costs - to the program.

How to Transition to a Single Stream Recycling Program

The transition from multi- or two-stream recycling to single stream is easy. Just put all of your recyclables – paper, plastics and recyclable containers into the same container, toter, box, bag or cart - without sorting. Emterra’s single stream recycling facilities and those of its partners are designed to separate these materials effectively according to type. Making it easy to recycle means greater volumes are collected and diverted from landfill.

Emterra is at the forefront of innovations in single stream recycling and remains a leading expert in designing and operating single stream recycling plants and the collection systems that supply materials to them.

Materials that Emterra can recover in our Single Stream Recycling Service*



Single Stream Recyclables Newspaper Inserts and flyers
  TV guides
  Junk mail
  Paper bags
  Phone books
  Pizza boxes
  Writing paper
  Aluminum: aluminum foil and aluminum foil containers
  Glass: bottles and jars
  Metal: all food and beverage cans and tins
  Plastics: all rigid bottles, jugs and tubs
Refundable Beverage Containers** All beverage containers
Corrugated Cardboard All sizes

* Additional materials may be added as required
** As applicable