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Garbage & Recycling Services for Multi-Unit Residences

Garbage & Recycling Services for Multi-Unit Residences

If you own or manage multi-unit (or multi-family) properties, you need a waste management partner who can manage trash, recycling and yard waste efficiently and cost-effectively. Whether you manage multi-family condos, townhomes or apartment buildings, residential property managers turn to Emterra for achieving their waste management goals. We:

  • Reduce the environmental footprint by reducing volumes of trash and increasing recycling and yard waste diversion from landfills
  • Understand the waste types and volumes generated at each property by conducting waste audits
  • Save money through our efficient waste management and recycling services
  • Deliver timely and reliable service to avoid waste overflow

Let our experts help you find the right carts, bins or dumpsters, establish the right collection schedule and provide the right type of services to help you meet your goals.

Haven't started a waste diversion program at your location yet? Find out why you should recycle or set aside yard waste for compost and start today!

We’re in your community!

Emterra believes in supporting the communities where we live and work in a positive manner. In many communities, Emterra offers a unique Community Care program where we work with you to do a lot more. Check out how we’re getting involved and consider how we might help your community. Learn more