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What time do I need to put out my trash and recycling at the curb on my collection day?

Please place all items at the curb by the time indicated for your Municipality (see our locations page). The exact times vary slightly between different locations.

Who do I contact to set up a residential subscription?

We encourage you to complete our online Request a Quote form and an Emterra Environmental USA representative will contact you shortly to discuss your needs. 

Who do I contact to get a quote to collect tires, liquids or other commercial or government services?

Please complete our online Request a Quote form and an Emterra Environmental USA representative will contact you shortly.

What days does Emterra Environmental USA recognize as holidays?

Emterra observes six special holiday days throughout each year. If a holiday occurs on a weekday BEFORE your regular service (or collection) day, your trash, recycling and/or yard waste compost collection will be delayed by up to one day. Customers with regular service on Friday will have their items picked up on Saturday for that week only. Then all schedules return to normal the following week.

This applies to all residential as well as commercial and residential collection schedules.

Holidays include:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day and
  • Christmas Day. 

Can I place my residential recycling in a plastic bag at the curb if my bin is full?

Recyclables that are placed in plastic bags cannot be picked up by the recycling truck because plastic film and plastic bags are not accepted in recycling. If you find you are frequently recycling more than your box can handle, consider obtaining an additional curbside recycling container, which you can request using our online Customer Service form. 

Commercial and government clients are also encouraged to contact Customer Service (1-877-609-6753) to obtain additional containers.

How do I dispose of old paint?

Old paint cans are accepted in curbside garbage collections once the paint has been solidified. Please leave the lid(s) OFF.

We suggest that you add kitty liter to the unused portion of any liquid paint to turn the liquid paint into a solid formed material. 

Does Emterra Environmental USA provide special services for people who are not physically able to place materials at the curb?

We do! Please contact us by phone (1-877-609-6753) or use our online Customer Service form to let us know of your needs. In general, our collectors are pleased to pick up materials from the front or side door for individuals who may require special services.

What materials can I place in recycling?

In general, recyclable materials include paper fibers (cardboard, newspaper, office paper and more) plus containers made of plastics (#1 to #7), glass, steel and aluminum cans. Please check for your Municipality on our locations page for details and information about residential recycling opportunities that are specific to your community.

Commercial and government customers are encouraged to contact Customer Service (1-877-609-6753) with any questions about items that are to be collected from your location (s).

What materials can I place out as yard waste?

Yard waste includes leaves, grass clippings and small diameter branches that must be bundled appropriately by residents for collection. For details, please check for your Municipality on our locations page

Do I need to call in and make special arrangements for a special pick-up of a large item?

Residents receiving curbside trash collections from Emterra may include one large item per week as part of their regular trash service. Please set out the large trash item on time with your regular trash and it will be picked up by the regular garbage collectors. If you do not currently receive curbside garbage collection service from Emterra Environmental USA and would like a large item collected, please contact use our online form to Request a Quote.

Can I pay my bill online?

This feature is not currently available, but when it is we will notify all customers and provide information to enable you to participate.

Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns?

Residential customers – please check for your Municipality on our locations page

If you are a commercial or government customer – please contact Customer Service (1-877-609-6753) or use our online Customer Service form.