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Community Care™

Emterra Environmental USA - Community Partnerships for Sustainable Waste Management

Emterra Environmental USA is committed to helping improve the environmental health of the communities in which we work and live. The goal of the Community Care™ program is to work as a partner in municipalities where Emterra provides trash and resources collection and processing to contribute to an improved and healthier environment and more sustainable communities.

We do that by partnering with local organizations to raise awareness of the importance of reducing the amount of waste we dispose of in landfills and linking recycling to community benefits.  And, we’re always eager to work with community partners to scope out new projects that may be meaningful to them.

Some of the types of Community Care™ initiatives to date include support for:

  • Local cancer care: For every ton of residential and commercial packaging and paper collected and for every used tire recycled through our Emterra Eco Depot Events, we added one dollar to a fund for a new community cancer centre in London, Ontario which amounted to a $75,000 donation in the first two years alone.
  • Cardiac care campaign: During Earth Week 2012 we challenged residents in a British Columbia community to recycle more at the curb and for every ton of recyclables collected, we pledged one dollar to help bring new technology and medical treatments to a much-needed cardiac care.
  • Local charity and food drive programs: Emterra works with a local charity to host a semi annual secure shredding event that also encourages participants to bring along a donation of cash or food for people in need. We provide shredding and collection services free of charge and match user contributions, donating thousands of dollars each year to the local Salvation Army operations and local food drives. 

Do you have a Community Care ™ project that you’d like to discuss? Please let us know about it today: Contact Us 

For information on other community activities, visit our News & Media page.