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Commercial Properties - Eliminate Waste in Your Work Space

Commercial Properties

You manage your business better than anyone else can. Let us manage your waste! Commercial properties serviced include office buildings, retail stores, food stores, hotels, special venues, and restaurants. If your business generates waste or recyclable materials, Emterra will have a solution for you.

We can take a wide variety of materials out of your hands and in the process, add value to your organization. We focus on your goals, whether you want to reduce your environmental footprint or spend dollars wisely – or both. We work with local recycling facility partners and with sorting facilities that are all about minimizing waste destined for the landfill and maximizing recycling of materials collected.

Here are just some of the ways we can create a customized recycling and waste diversion program for your business.

Temporary Collection Services

Need to rent a dumpster for a renovation or construction project? Our bins are ready for your junk.

Tire Recycling

Don’t let your used tires go to waste. We recycle scrap tires!


Permanent Collection Service

Whether your organization has trash or recycling that needs to be managed, we always pick it up on schedule.

Liquids Recycling & Product Destruction

Your business may have beverages or liquids that can’t be consumed but like you, we don’t see them as trash. Ask us how we can recycle them for you. 


Special Events

We can provide your party or big event with bins that fit! We’ll even haul it away when the party’s over.

Learn more about why increasing recycling makes so much sense for your commercial/business operation.