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Emterra Environmental Michigan USA - Company Values

Emterra Group - Company Mission and Values - Maximize Waste Diversion

Vision statement

At Emterra Group, our vision is to create and deliver services and products that enable everyone and all organizations to become stewards of the environment and of the future.

Mission statement

Emterra’s mission is to be the most comprehensive and highly regarded waste-to-resource company, leading the way toward zero waste in the industrial, commercial and municipal sectors.

Emterra values


  • We are empowered and provid the resources to safely deliver reliable, value-added and professional services and recovered resources to our customers/clients.

Employee engagement

  • We believe people makes things happen.We are committed to developing our employees and treating them fairly, equitably and with respect.We help employees connect their work to the business plan and provide frequent, fair, direct and actionable coaching.

Let entrepreneurialism reign

  • We believe that entrepreneurship is a fundamental expression of the human spirit, freedom and ingenuity; it is the unique culmination of the visionary and the pragmatic, of both art and science.

Cultivate diversity

  • We are an inspired and driven team who respect each other and value our differences, recognizing that it is our diversity that creates innovation, promotes inclusivity and produces better outcomes for our customers’ changing needs.

Act with integrity

  • We are dedicated to honesty and fairness and empower each other to act with integrity.

Don’t be afraid of hard work

  • We celebrate our successes, appreciate that work is part of a full and rewarding life and take pride in knowing that our work positively affects our environment and future generations.

Learn and be curious

  • We are committed to continuous improvement, which compels us to be progressive, to learn from both our successes and challenges and to be open to new ideas.

Give back

  • We believe that it is our corporate responsibility to have a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work.